Aug 22 2008

A very sexy couple

You already know wine has a sensual quality. You swirl it in your glass. Inhale its scent deeply. Let it run over and along the edges of your tongue, pausing to let the flavors trickle forth and mellow in your mouth. It’s practically a PG-13 experience.

But have you ever licked the spice off the top of a truffle? Inhaled cacao? Plucked the candied violet off a chocolate and let it dissolve on your tongue?

The artisans at Vosges Haut Chocolat have. Last night they shared this exquisite experience with a roomful of wine and chocolate aficianados at Just Grapes to witness the marriage of two very lavish indulgences.

We learned that in some relationships, opposites attract. The effervescence and crispness of the bone-dry MV Roederer Estate Sparkling sliced right through the sweet creaminess of the Vosges Ambrosia white truffle, a perfect ying and yang on the tongue.

Other times, it helps to have a lot in common. The MV Stefano Farina Moscato, Asti, from Piedmont was fairly screaming coconut, which was also the strongest flavor in the Vosges Naga truffle under the curry.

Each is a perfect example of one of the basic tips for food and wine pairing that Just Grapes sommelier Don Sritong described at the beginning of the evening: Match or contrast textures and/or flavors.

The evening also offered an example of another basic: The ideal food and wine pairing should make the food and wine taste better. When I tried a little of the very cherry 2007 Donausonne Blaufrankisch, Hungary, at the exact same time as the Vosges Budapest truffle, as Don suggested, it was like a chocolate-covered cherry in my mouth. Only better.

Here’s to a long relationship and many happy anniversaries for these sensual wine and chocolate couples.

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