Sep 02 2008

Hints of Barbie, with a note of GI Joe

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Unlike white pants, picnics are fine after Labor Day. In fact, in many parts of the country, this is when the outdoors is at its sunniest, driest, most lovely best.

Toting Riedel for your picnic rose, however, can be a risky proposition; particularly if, like me, you’ll be sipping on a sailboat. Not only can it shatter and hurt someone, but it can shatter and be gone. Who wants to lose a classy glass to a nasty wave?

In fact, my friends forbid glass on the boat, and it’s their boat, so they win. I’ve found a nice, insulated carrying case for my wine that keeps it cool and prevents breakage, but I have to resort to plastic cups if I’m not going to swig from the bottle.

I’m sure this affects the taste. Too much plastic, and I’m having flashbacks to my ’80s childhood,¬†catching wafts of Barbie shoes with a little Strawberry Shortcake underneath. (I’ve heard GI Joe sports a similar scent.) Those pretend plastic wine glasses might be the worst offenders–I’ve even cut my lip on a rough edge.

A plastic beer glass, on the other hand, is thin enough to avoid pre-scenting my drink. It’s smooth, without dangerous curls of rogue plastic to scratch one’s face. And it’s easy to grip, a great feature whether you’re sailing the high seas or up to your knees in daisies.

Sometimes, you have to make do. Wine is not always a total experience–it’s part of a wonderful day, part of a lifestyle, and it has to fit. If you’re really concerned about savoring the absolute essense of your rose, buy two bottles and sample one at home with that Riedel. Otherwise, grab a (plastic) glass, join the party and toast to the great outdoors.

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