Sep 12 2008

Buy a hairdryer and a Chianti

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Buying wine online is a tricky business. Ever-changing state laws make it illegal to ship from some places to others, from wineries of some sizes vs. others, maybe even from you to your dear mom on her birthday.

But Amazon may be erasing some of the confusion. It announced yesterday that it in October it will begin selling U.S.-produced wine on its website, the same where you can find a hairdryer or a book on vintage Thunderbirds.

It will begin by selling in 26 states; its partner in distribution, New Vine Logistics, is able to deliver in 45 states.

There is nothing nicer, in my opinion, than to open one’s door and find a delivery person bearing a box of wine. You have truly good, wise and kind friends if such gifts arrive on your doorstep.

Perhaps most encouraging about this development is the statement by Terry Hall, communications director of the nonprofit Napa Valley Vinters group working with wineries to get on board:

“The step forward with Amazon being a wine retailer is just more testament to the fact that Americans are really becoming a wine drinking economy,” Hall said.

I’d like to toast to that with a nice Washington State Pinot Noir in my shopping cart, please!

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