Sep 15 2008

Your wine rack is looking a little chilly

Published by at 11:38 PM under Savvy Sip Tips

You may still be clinging to your flip-flops–I know I am–but fall really and truly is arriving. It’s time to store the light beer and chilled roses with your white pants and stock up on some warm, cozy reds.

There are so many reasons right now to have extra bottles on hand: watching the game with friends on Sunday afternoon, hitting a BYOB restaurant before the theater, evenings in front of the fireplace with candles and some mood music, days when you come home from work in the damp, dreary, cold dark and need a little warmth from the inside. Not to mention the beginning of holiday season.

It’s so fortunate that Just Grapes hosts a sale at this time of year. You can save as much as 50 percent on more than 100 bottles during the appropriately named Fall Wine Sale, beginning tomorrow, September 16, through Sunday, September 21. Shop online or come in and see what yummy new wines you want to take home to warm up your wine rack.

And if you find a few roses and cool whites to take home, well, that’s OK, too. We’ll tell the fashion police and the wine police to take a hike through the crunchy fall leaves. See you there!

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