Sep 23 2008

Wine is my passport

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I’m writing this week from Brazil, where rain is making the soil more red and the vineyards more green.

I’m here on a media trip with nine other journalists from around the world–Germany, Canada, Singapore and other parts of the United States–to learn more about what this region will share with us over the next few years. (Read about it in the January issue of Sommelier Journal.)

It’s an incredible thing, this international sharing. Wine brings us to parts of the world we’d never expect to find otherwise, little villages and remote fields and islands. And we can bring a bit of that world right into our homes with each bottle of wine. We bring the fruit, the soil, the culture that shapes the style of wine produced, the passion and wisdom of the grower and winemaker, the history that allowed this wine to be, the climate in which it grew, that whole thing called terroir.

When Just Grapes holds a Wines from Around the World tasting or class, it’s more than an event in downtown Chicago. It’s participating in this international thing that inspires and evokes and gives rise to industry and passion. You can sample a bit of another culture and enjoy a gift lovingly produced to express the land in which it grew. It’s a common denominator that allows animated conversation on a train from Notre Dame Cathedral to the airport in Paris with a French man who was a stranger until then. It’s a topic around which people who just piled into a car together from Vancouver and Tornoto and Chicago can gather for a long car ride into the southern Brazilian countryside.

And it’s an introduction and an invitation to you to create your own international experience, whether yours involves a passport or a quarter in the parking meter outside Just Grapes. As they say here this week, Salud!

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