Sep 26 2008

Something old, something new

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How much juice do you have?

Are you the first to try something new? The one to introduce it to your friends? Willing to expand your palate?

Or do you go to the same restaurant each time so that you can order your favorite wine each time, the same wine that you buy off the shelf each time because you know you like it?

I’ve spent the week tasting Old World-style wines (low tannins, smooth, nice with food) from producers new to U.S. buyers. These South American winemakers have some great examples of familiar varietals—cabernet, chardonnay, etc.—in very European styles. What would it take to persuade you to buy a chardonnay that isn’t soaked in heavy oak, or a cabernet that slides over your tongue with a modest level of alcohol (12 percent or so) and soft tannins that don’t leave your teeth sticky in the end?

Would you be interested in these known wine grapes used in a relatively unfamiliar style from a relatively unknown region? Or would you rather taste something totally off the wall, something funky, something odd but good, something grown in few other places aside from that relatively unknown region? Or would you like both?

Please let me know, so I can let the winemakers know. I’m the person who will have one of everything at Just Grapes’ tasting bar, then buy something I’ve never tasted at all, just to try something new. I’m the one who says sure, I’ll eat the cricket sauteed in lime and black pepper. (It doesn’t taste like chicken.) But that’s just me. In speaking for the country, I feel I should bring a few more perspectives.

So how much juice do you have? Inquiring minds on the other side of the equator want to know!

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