Sep 30 2008

Warm up from the inside

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Fall is a four-letter word. But then again, so is wine.

Fall would be lovely if it weren’t followed by a word and a season much longer up North: winter. There are just a few things to look forward to: the holidays, turtleneck sweaters and black leather boots, fireplaces and red wine.

I’ve learned to appreciate a Rosé on a hot summer’s day, but I’m definitely a red-blooded girl. Merlot was my first true love. I’ve met many spicy, hot, rich, smooth and smoky passions since, only expanding the possibilities.

There really is a red for everyone, even those of us who prefer our Zinfandels to be white. (I love you, Mom!) If you’re not a fan of tannins that stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth or pepper that zings all the way down, try something with a silky mouth-feel. Some Cabernet Franc, especially if you can find it unoaked. Or a Carmenere or Pinot Noir. Or good old Merlot, slightly aged. 

Tomorrow is the first day of October, when I concede defeat to the changing seasons. It’s also Just Grapes’ First Wednesday tasting, when they’ll bring out more than 35 wines that will go great with those boots. Join them 5:30-7:30 when, for $35 (less than $1 a taste!) you can sample and select something to keep you warm from the inside, too.

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