Oct 03 2008

Estate bottled–Not the same as home brew!

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Every man’s home is his castle. But the wine he makes in his basement from store-bought juice is most definitely not “estate bottled.”

To be considered estate bottled, a wine must be made only from grapes grown in the winery’s own vineyards, or from vineyards that the winery leases and controls in the same appellation (wine-growing region). The wine must also be bottled at that winery.

The label offers some assurance that a wine will exhibit the characteristics special to that winery and region. “Estate bottled” also can imply higher quality—if the person responsible for the grapes start to finish is willing to claim it as her own, she likely has ensured it will be good.

Look for erzeugerabfullung (bottled by the producer) or aus eigenem Lesegut (from his own grapes) in Germany. The term château bottled is used in France.

And check out this example at Just Grapes, an estate-bottled Saugvinon blancfrom Sancerre said to exhibit all the characteristics of the region. Always a nice thing if you happen to be tasting blind, or if that region happens to suit your taste!

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