Oct 15 2008

Drink up with The Juice

Published by at 12:56 AM under Savvy Sip Tips,Wine Education

So it’s a random Wednesday evening, and you are dying to get out of the house. You had enough coffee this morning to keep a moose awake for a year, so the coffeehouse is out. And your credit card wailed painfully the last time you yanked it out of your wallet, so random wild shopping sprees are on hold, too. What to do, what to do…

There’s always something tasty on The Juice, a free newsletter featuring food and beverage events around the city—ours or whichever of 480 others you choose. You can sign up for a weekly subscription and stay on top of what’s up on Wednesdays (such as Just Grapes’ First Wednesday Tastings) or events any other day of the week.

My favorite part? It includes a quiz with a question at the top and the answer at the bottom. It’s my own personal challenge…and usually a learning opportunity. Get out and about and raise a glass with fellow wine lovers. Soon every day will feel like Friday!

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