Oct 22 2008

A new meaning for “baked wine”

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A popular interior design show recently aired an episode in which the typically-challenged homeowner needed help making over her kitchen. The designer of the day was unveiling the results, demonstrating wonderful space-saving techniques such as the new wine rack installed ABOVE THE CONVECTION OVEN.

If you tuned in here yesterday, you’ll recall that wine is sensitive to heat. It prefers things on the cool side; 65 degrees and below. It also does not tolerate fluctuations in temperature well, nor light for that matter.

You say you don’t have a good space in your kitchen to rack bottles that doesn’t expose your wine to heat and light? That’s OK, neither do I. Either you shop more often (Saturdays are a great time to pick up a week’s worth at Just Grapes after you’ve sampled something new at the free weekly wine tasting 2-4 p.m.), or choose one of the increasingly common screw-cap bottles such as the Pepi Pinot Grigio, which can stand upright in some dim corner in your pantry or linen closet.                                                                                           

As for kitchen design: Use that space above your oven to store the rice steamer and slow cooker you thought you’d use every day. And keep your wine glasses handy!

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