Oct 23 2008

At least Palin wine is a bargain

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The news media has been abuzz over the past two days about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s $150,000 hair and wardrobe makeover.

At least the wine that shares her name is only $17.99 a bottle.

2006 Palin Syrah Limari Valley Chile is not made by or for Sarah Palin. It’s a reference to a traditional Chilean game called Palin, or Chueca, a form of hockey played with sticks and a hard wooden ball. In fact, it isn’t even pronounced the same: The wine is pay-LEEN. And it was a popular one in San Francisco until Sarah Palin joined the ticket. Now, most in that city known for its Democratic leanings have rejected it, though some are buying it for their amusement and the opportunity to add their own tasting notes or artwork to the label.

Whether you love Sarah Palin or hate her (or you just want some Syrah), you can find Palin wine online at Just Grapes, where its description reads: “Suggestions of warm earth and blackberries show on its aromatic nose; the mouth is fresh, mineral and very complex, with notes of licorice, cassis and touches of peppered spices. This region’s cool climate is manna for full-bodied, well-defined and gorgeously flavorful Syrah; echoes of the northern Rhône’s most noble wines can be found in this pure, terroir-driven 100% organic wine.”

Prank or pride, it sounds tasty. And maybe there is some fateful connection: It’s named for a hockey-like game, and Palin has referred to herself as a hockey mom…

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