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Nov 26 2008

Acid mouthwatering? It is in wine

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Acid generally doesn’t have appetizing connotations. You might think batteries. Indigestion. Corrosion. Yum. But acid is absolutely essential to the structure of a wine. Too little and a wine will taste flat and lifeless. Too much and a wine will taste sour. A balanced wine will have the proper amount of acid to contrast with […]

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Nov 24 2008

What can President Obama do to help the U.S. wine industry?

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The biggest thing President Elect Barack Obama could do for the wine industry is remove all interstate trade barriers and allow wineries and retailers to ship to all 50 states from all 50 states. The 21st amendment effectively handcuffed the free trade of wine by allowing each state the power to control the issues of […]

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Nov 21 2008

Test-drive your Thanksgiving wine

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Cranberries from a can are looking mighty swell right now, aren’t they?  If you’ve offered to “bring something” to a Thanksgiving feast or, like me, even volunteered to make most of it for your dear mother, you might be feeling a wee bit of panic right now. I don’t own a double boiler, nor a food processor. I […]

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Nov 20 2008

Find love over a glass and an onion

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Who knew you could meet the love of your life while wielding a knife? Yet that’s the premise of Cooking Crush, a wine tasting and cooking class hosted tonight at Just Grapes wine shop by Parties That Cook. Singles mingle while sampling wines introduced by Just Grapes sommelier Don Sritong. After a comparative tasting, guests […]

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Nov 19 2008

Why the buzz over Beaujolais?

Grocery store circulars everywhere are touting the release tomorrow of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau. Granted, most people don’t expect to find fine wine in the same store stocking Twinkies and Chef Boyardee, but Beaujolais Nouveau has garnered a disrespect in some corners perhaps beyond proportion, considering it doesn’t aspire to much. What is it about this unique […]

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Nov 18 2008

Just Grapes Recession Relief Event Package – $30/person

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Plan your next holiday party on a Grinch budget.  Just Grapes is now offering a  Recession Relief Event Package for $30/person (including tax & tip).  View their event space and details on the package as Don Sritong of Just Grapes provides an overview of what is all included.

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Nov 17 2008

Recession Relief 4 pk – $24.99

With all the stressful news in the media about how bad the economy is we all need a drink more than ever on the cheap!  Just Grapes has just what the doctor ordered with their new  Recession Relief 4 pk for $24.99.

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Nov 14 2008

Wine Spectator loves it; we have it

Whatever your opinion of wine scores, points, lists or rankings, you have to admit you’re just a little curious, aren’t you? Wondering whether your favorite bottle will rank among the top? Or perhaps you’re looking for the next big thing? Simply surfing for something new to try? Wine scores and ranks have their place, and […]

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Nov 13 2008

Chef’s memories captured in Champagne bubbles

Wine is so much more than a drink. Much as we enjoy it every day, it’s even more a part of our special occasions. Few toasts are made with diet soda. Wine, in all its forms, carries associations of time, of place, of significant people and events. Melissa Graham has a lifetime of memories encapsulated […]

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Nov 12 2008

Tannins are oh-so-tacky

My friend, a diehard white wine drinker, discovered for the first time that zinfandel is truly red. She was game for trying it, but not a fan of that bottle in the end. It was too dry, she said.   Perhaps that was true, but what she went on to describe was more a function […]

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