Nov 07 2008

Toast hope during Obama’s conference with recession wine

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After meeting with his top economic advisers today, Barack Obama will hold his first press conference as president-elect right here in Chicago.

He faces global stock markets more shaky than Jell-O. Domestically, worry over the economy was widely reported as voters’ top concern. The world in general will be watching intensely to see what kind of relief our soon-to-be president can bring.

In the meantime, Just Grapes is offering a little recession relief of its own. The wine experts there have helpfully put together a four-pack of wines that pack a lot of value for a modest price. For just $24.99, you can enjoy two Chardonnays, a Malbec and a Cabernet Sauvignon and save 28 percent. That’s $10 that can stay right inside your pocket … or you can even splurge on some cheese!

There is hope, at least, of continuing to enjoy the little things like good wine even in tight economic times. So raise a glass today, and tomorrow, and again next week, and through the holidays. You’re doing your part for fiscal responsibility. And with hope of change in the recession progression ahead, there is much to celebrate!

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