Nov 20 2008

Find love over a glass and an onion

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Who knew you could meet the love of your life while wielding a knife?

Yet that’s the premise of Cooking Crush, a wine tasting and cooking class hosted tonight at Just Grapes wine shop by Parties That Cook.

Singles mingle while sampling wines introduced by Just Grapes sommelier Don Sritong. After a comparative tasting, guests get a lesson from the Parties That Cook chef in several basic cooking techniques, including how to dice an onion without that weepy feeling. Then everyone pairs off to put those new skills to work, preparing tapas to enjoy with the six wines of the evening.

The part that really makes this work? After the event, each guest receives recipes, digital pics of the evening and email aliases for the others who attended. So if the apple of your eye was filling lettuce cups with gingery pork on the other side of the room while you were skewering chicken with someone else, you can write him or her later to suggest pairing off for your own private wine pairing sometime.

Cooking Crush is┬áthe perfect excuse to channel a little Hank Williams and ask, “Hey, good looking, what ya got cookin’?” Or at least to sample some fantastic wine. Just be careful with that knife.

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