Feb 20 2009

The Wine that Defied Murphy’s Law

By Brooke Gowen

In the sea of wines out there, some are good, some mediocre, and some, well…just plain bad. And, every now and then, you taste a wine that stops you dead in your tracks. Speaks to you. Makes you aware of what style of wine just might be your bag. That happened to me today.

As an intern at Just Grapes, I do a variety of things: write for the blog (clearly); attend great wine tastings and events; polish glasses and stock bottles; work in-store wine tastings; and get to taste a whole lot of wine. This, my friends, is the absolute best way to expand your palate and put a taste with a grape, if you will. (I’m so clever, I know.)

When I took a sip of Murphy’s Law 2007 White Wine from Columbia Valley in Washington State (which is a blend of 48% Sauvignon Blanc, 17% Chardonnay, 11% Gewurztraminer, 11% Pinot Gris, 6% Semillon, 4% Pinot Blanc and 3% Riesling), I knew I had made a new friend. Even though she’s a bit above my “everyday drinking wine” bottle allowance (at $15.99), I’d make a special exception for her.

I am a sucker for tropical fruit flavors in a wine and Murphy’s Law has all that and more. She’s pale yellow in color, but rich in everything else. The nose hits you with delightful aromas of delicate flowers, almonds, and soft, juicy tropical fruit. Oh, and then the palate! This unctuous white blend manages to display a wide range of flavors from citrus to lychee to honey and peaches. And the substantial acidity allows this slightly off-dry wine to finish crisp, long and refreshing, leaving just a tiny trail of sweetness behind. Just how I like it.

So, tell me. What is the last wine you tasted that has become your current top-of-the-list favorite? That is, until the next one comes along and assumes the position, of course.

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