Feb 27 2009

What Are You Waiting For? Open That Bottle Night

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There are a few bottles of wine on the bottom shelf of our wine rack that are the "Special Occasion" bottles. Ironically enough, they were both gifts from the same couple. The first is a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon (from a town called Grapevine, Texas) with a custom "On Our Wedding Day" label, which our friends gave out as wedding favors at their November 2004 nuptials. They have begged us to drink it already, and we keep meaning to on their anniversary, but for some reason, we never do. The other is a more recent gift, which the couple gave to us when we got engaged last summer. This is special for several reasons. First, it's an engagement gift from a happily married couple that we adore. Secondly, it's a Rioja, which is the one wine that my fiance and I can always agree on. And third, it's a 1999 vintage, which makes it the oldest bottle we've got, and it just doesn't feel right to open a wine from the last millennium for no reason.

I'm sure each of you have a bottle or two that you're saving for that fabled "Special Occasion," but can't fully explain why. Well get ready to pop those corks.

Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, the husband-and-wife team of wine columnists for The Wall Street Journal (and fans of Just Grapes' own Maggie Smith!), had people like us in mind when they launched "Open That Bottle of Wine Night" ten years ago. And this Saturday, February 28, is the night.

In their January 31 column, Gaiter and Brecher wrote, "When we started writing this column more than a decade ago, the most
common question we received then was the same one we receive now: When is a bottle ready to drink–specifically, this bottle I've been saving for a special occasion? This is exactly why we invented Open That Bottle Night, a celebration
of wine, friends and memories during which all of us finally pull the
cork on that bottle and enjoy the aromas, tastes, tears and laughter
that always spill forth."

Fortunately for my fiance and I, the stars have aligned. We happen to be having dinner with the couple responsible for our two special occasions wine this Saturday, and what better reason to drink not just one, but both of our special bottles all together?

What bottles have you been saving? What are the stories behind them? Would you be willing to drink one this Saturday night? We'd love to know.

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