Jul 31 2009

Just Grapes’ Favorite Summer Cocktails!

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by Brett Ashley McKenzie

The store may be called “Just Grapes,” but if you’re under the impression that wine is our only offering, you’re mistaken! You’ve already read about our new summer beers, but we also offer a wide array of refreshing summer spirits, which can make for the perfect backyard or BBQ cocktail.

Square One Cucumber Vodka: refreshing & organic!

Square One Cucumber Vodka: refreshing and organic!

One of my all-time favorite spirits is our Square One Cucumber Vodka ($44.99), an organic vodka as cool as–well, a cucumber of course! Whether your looking to make your standard martini even more warm-weather friendly or want to add unexpected flavor to a Bloody Mary, a splash of Square One gives any cocktail a hint of sophisication.

At your next brunch, why not mix up a pitcher of  Just Grapes’ Cucumber Bloody Mary?

– Over ice, pour one shot Square One Cucumber Vodka
– Add your favorite Bloody Mary mix
– Add three slices of chilled cucumber and a Kosher pickle spear
– Stir
– Dust the rim with celery salt for the ultimate refreshing summer cocktail!

We’re also thrilled to carry Cabana Cachaça (pronounced “Ca-cha-sa”). Cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made from sugar cane. Different from rum, which is typically made from molasses, Cachaça is made from sugar cane juice.

An increasingly trendy summer cocktail in America is the Caipirinha (pronounced “Kai-per-een-ya”), which is similar to a mojito, but made solely with crushed lime and not mint, coase sugar, and ice.

Next time you hit the beach or pool, mix up a Just Grapes’ Cabana Caipirinha:

– In a cocktail shaker or thermos, add one shot of Cabana Cachaca, ice, a tablespoon of coase sugar, and a quartered and mashed lime (the lime should be nice and pulpy)
– Shake
– Pour over ice
– Add a few slices of lime and dust the rim with coarse sugar
– Enjoy!

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