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Aug 28 2009

Illinois Liquor Tax Increase Effective Sept. 1: Just Grapes to the Rescue!

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The Illinois state legislature has voted to increase tax on all alcoholic beverages–and soda pop and candy–in order to close a gaping budget shortfall. The tax currently paid on a bottle of wine is 13 cents per bottle. Effective Tuesday, you’ll see that jump to 28 cents a bottle. Tax on a six-pack of beer […]

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Aug 18 2009

Civilize your Summer Soiree

by Maggie Smith Raised a Midwestern girl, I have never had a problem with your average weekend BBQ fare: grilling out, burgers and brats. But this past Saturday, as I was hosting a party for a number of area wine connoisseurs and noted foodies, I decided to “civilize” my soiree a bit.  Here’s how: I […]

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Aug 17 2009

Wine with Dinner: It’s Your Plate, Your Palate

By Brett Ashley McKenzie As an associate at Just Grapes as well as  Food & Wine Pairing Writer for the Chicago Examiner, I’m regularly asked if there are suggested wines that a home chef should keep on hand, wines that cover all the bases, from a simple Tuesday night home-cooked meal to Thai take-out to […]

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Aug 07 2009

Cream’s New Italian Portfolio is “Molto Bene”

By Brett Ashley McKenzie The whole gang at Just Grapes was psyched to learn from our Cream Wine Company rep Shane Salois that Cream had recently added an Italian portfolio to its stellar wine offerings. Their timing couldn’t be more perfect: Just Grapes is offering an in-store  “Wines of Italy” Master Class on Thursday, August […]

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Aug 04 2009

Cabernet Francophile – 2006 Walla Walla Cabernet Franc Review

It’s great to introduce people to adventurous and exciting grape types like Cabernet Franc. If you’re not familiar with this varietal, it is one of the common blending grapes in Bordeaux, mostly used on the right banks of Pomerol and Saint Emilion. The Loire Valley also grows this grape (most commonly seen as “Chinon” on the label.)

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