Oct 27 2009

The Ultimate Wedding/Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas/Holiday/Anyday Gift

by Brett Ashley McKenzie

Tis the season to give Wine Club!

Tis the season to give Wine Club!

Wine truly is the ultimate gift–who doesn’t appreciate having an extra bottle or two on hand? Especially as we near the winter months, few people feel like trudging back out into the cold night because they arrived home from work to find nothing drinkable on their wine rack.

But many Just Grapes’ customers approach me with concerns about buying wine as a gift, even for a friend whose tastes they think they know. “I think she hates Chardonnay… or maybe she loves it?” or “I don’t want to spend too much but I don’t want him to know that I didn’t spend that much” or–and this is the most terrifying for some–“She knows EVERYTHING about wine and I know NOTHING.”

Just Grapes has the solution to all of your wine gift-giving worries and woes: Our Wine Club.

Unlike other wine clubs (some retailers only pawn wholesale items off on their wine club members, while vineyard wine clubs are limited to one label), Just Grapes’ four different wine club packages use the same items you love to buy in-store. Each month, we choose great wines directly from our shelves and package them for our Basics ($25 a month), Adventurous ($35 a month), Global ($50 a month), and Points Palates ($75  a month) clubs.

Each of our four clubs includes the following: one white wine and one red wine, extensive tasting notes and food pairing suggestions, and the opportunity to customize frequency and pick-up. Want to receive wine club once every three months instead of once a month? Fine! Want to only send wine club to your parents in December as a Christmas gift? Fine! You can select store pick-up or pay to have it shipped to the recipient’s homes. We’ll even include a card if you’d like!

How do you choose the right wine club for your gift recipient?

The Basics Wine Club is intended to help people learn more about wine. Predominantly, this club will offer an intimate look at the “Big Six” grape varietals (the most popular in the U.S.): Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. This makes an excellent college graduation gift or 21st birthday gift, or a great gift for someone who knows that they “love Riesling” or “love Merlot,” but is ready to expand their knowledge and their palate.

The Adventurous Wine Club is personally my favorite. For people who like to meander off the beaten path of the “Big Six” and try something new, like crisp Gruner Veltliner or funky Cabernet Franc, this is perfect. You get exposure to some wines you’ve never heard of, some that you have but may not know much about, and all the information you need printed right on the tasting notes. These make excellent wedding gifts, birthday or holiday gifts for wine lovers who are open to tasting new things.

The Global Wine Club features the wines of the world, so if you know someone with a hankering for Spanish or South American wines, or who always orders the European wine flights when you’re out for drinks, this is for them! Even the six basic grape types take on neat and different characteristics from region to region. An Argentine Malbec and a French Malbec taste completely different! Great for globe trotters and ethnic food aficionados.

Finally, the Points Palate Wine Club is for the wine lover who seeks the highest-rated, most reputable wines. The $75 price point ensures that the wines are of exceptional quality, and all of our Points Palate wines are rated 90 points or higher by Robert Parker, Wine Spectator, etc. This is a great wedding gift, as many of these wines will age gracefully enough to be drank on a fifth anniversary (or beyond!). Excellent for someone building a cellar or corporate holiday gifts.

You can start or stop wine club whenever you’d like, so long as you notify us by the fifth of the month. Wine club ships or is available for pick on the 25th of every month. The purchaser is responsible for the shipping costs, if applicable.

This holiday season, why not start out some of your wine loving friends with a month or two of wine club? If they like it, they can continue the program themselves and they may even reciprocate someday! You can sign up online today (http://www.justgrapes.net/wineclub.asp). Feel free to mention that you read about wine club here on our blog… we love learning about how you’re learning about us!

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