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Dec 31 2009

New Year’ Eve Bubbly Just for You!

If there is ever an appropriate time to drink bubbly—though, personally, every time is an appropriate time for bubbly—it’s New Year’s Eve! Here at Just Grapes, we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the perfect sparkling wine for the plans you’ve got going on for counting down that last few hours before 2010. The Quiet, […]

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Dec 22 2009

Just Grapes Gift Guide: Part Two

Welcome back to the Just Grapes Gift Guide 2009: Part Two! This week we’ll be tackling those people who are extra hard to shop for, because everyone knows we leave them for last. For Mom When Constantine Alexis Zahoudanis, owner of Demetria Estate, asked his mom to pick out her favorite wine he had produced […]

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Dec 15 2009

Just Grapes Gift Guide: Part One

Holiday shopping got you down? Just can’t find the perfect gift for those people on your list? Just Grapes has the answer! We’re truly a one-stop shop for everyone on your shopping list (even the little ones–our never-expiring tasting cards will still be valid once they turn 21!). To make it even easier, we’ve put […]

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Dec 04 2009

Wonderfully Wintry Wines

While very few welcome winter with open arms, there is something undeniably charming about softly falling snow, the tiny white lights glittering from trees lining the streets, and the general warm fuzziness of family and friends around the holidays. In Chicago especially, there are tons of wintry events going on to keep the holiday cheer […]

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