Dec 31 2009

New Year’ Eve Bubbly Just for You!


If there is ever an appropriate time to drink bubbly—though, personally, every time is an appropriate time for bubbly—it’s New Year’s Eve! Here at Just Grapes, we’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the perfect sparkling wine for the plans you’ve got going on for counting down that last few hours before 2010.

The Quiet, At-Home New Year’s Eve

A seriously underrated NYE option, the At-Home celebration is a wonderful alternative to the crowded bars and stuffy parties that seem far too frequent on New Year’s Eve. Why slip on four-inch, pinchy heels when you’ve got cozy slipper socks from the Mom-in-Law? And instead of a $70 cover for watered down drinks and stale appetizers at a crowded club, you’ve got your SO cooking you up a home-cooked meal (or Easy Mac, which is fine too. It’s the thought that counts). For this occasion, break out the good stuff, because you don’t have to share with your drunk friends and can still maintain a low-key celebratory vibe. Check out the Duval Leroy Champagne, a gorgeous, creamy, toasty bubbly with oh-so-subtle berries.

The Motley Crew of Friends

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a non-cerebral night of 15-20 of your closest friends. Well, you may not know half of those people now, but come 3am when you’re all mumbling your 5th encore of Auld Lang Syne, the whole crowd will be thick as thieves. Now, before all that goes down, consider Varichon and Clerc, an absolutely delicious sparkling Chardonnay from Savoie. With pretty white flowers on the nose and toasty, delicate vanilla on the palate, this incredible value will be sure to earn you some friend (and at a price like this, earn more cred by stocking up so no one has to do a drink run in the middle of the festivities).

The Girls Only NYE

Sip on something pink, because girls love pink. From the candied Bitch Bubbly to the slightly off-dry Meinklang sparkling Pinot Noir, we have roses for every taste. Our newest addition to our pink sparkling is the Varnier-Fanniere, a delicately structured, toasty, traditional Champagne…until you get to those slight strawberries at the finish. If you closed your eyes, chances are you would barely perceive this as a rose, until those berries sneak up on the finish! So beautiful!

The Night of Party Hopping

When on a tight, party-hopping schedule, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of drinks at each pit stop. Word to the wise: Roll no more than three deep; taking a crowd and pillaging the booze supply at every stop will ensure you’re not on the guest list for NYE 2010. Bring a quality bubbly that everyone, everywhere will appreciate. The 2006 Raventos Cava, is a brut, clean and minerally sparkling that makes for a crisp and refreshing drink.

Whatever your plans, be sure to stop in and pick up some bubbly for the occasion. We’ll also pour six awesome Champagnes and sparkling wines from 4 to 8 pm today for you sample and see which is the best fit for you! Happy New Year!

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