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Jan 27 2010

Wine Marathon on PBS, and Prizes to be Won

Finally, an alternative to those Jersey Shore reruns: PBS is showing a 24-hour Wine Marathon starting at 6AM on January 30th! The marathon will consist of Uncorked: Wine Made Simple, and the first season of JG’s Official Favorite Television Show, The Winemakers.

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Jan 22 2010

Who Drew That Label? Just Grapes Artist Series: István Orosz

The 2007 Skulls, the cheeky 2007 Chateau Chateau Chateau, and the epic Anamorphosis all have one thing in common (besides being Australian and having Parker ratings): the art of Hungarian István Orosz graces each of their labels (and in Anamorphosis’ case, the incredible poster that is meant to be reflected in its mirrored bottle).

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