Feb 09 2010

Who Drew that Label? Just Grapes Artist Series: Rikke Korff

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Rikke Korff, looking as a Danish designer should.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if there were an Iggy Pop of the wine world, it would be Charles Smith. He’s big, he’s bad, and I’m sure he’s karaoked to “1969” at some point in his life. I mean, just look at him:


I say, "oh my" and a "boo-hoo."

It comes as no surprise that before starting his booming wine venture, he managed rock bands in Scandinavia, home of glorious metal/industrial/folk fusion and purveyor of 90’s garage rock.

But anyway, this isn’t about Charles Smith. This is about Rikke Korff, Smith’s bestie of 15 years. Born in Denmark, Korff is famous for her simplistic (hello, Danish aesthetic), yet ingenious designs that mingles clean modern with edgy grunge. Beginning her flourishing career at Levi Strauss & Co., she became Design Director for their premium denim line before starting her own design house, The Korff Kounsil. When Smith decided to start K Vintners, he could think of no one better to assist with all of the visual aspects of his brand, including the winery itself, its tasting room, the logo, and of course, the labels that would make a really awesome sleeve tattoo for some big Charles Smith wine fan.

Some of our best sellers are Charles Smith wines, like the meaty 2008 Velvet Devil (oh look, it was my staff pick and everything), and the so-big-it-could-smack-you-around 2007 Chateau Smith. While the wine in the bottle makes us fall in love, it’s their saucy, raw labels that draw us in like an Opeth fan to a double bass drum fill. Check out some more of Korff’s work:






“My style of design has always been and is always rooted in the pure perspective of functionality, timelessness & simplicity. I blend that well with the guts & raw directness of rock n’ roll to create future icons and cult brands.” Rikke Korff

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