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Mar 31 2010

Aerated vino! Like drinking the future, NOW.

You’ve probably walked into a wine shop lately only to find an oddly-shaped, alien device on the merchandise shelf. In fact, you’ve probably seen a few incarnations: bulbous glass attachments the likes of which evoke Jerry Garcia; the ubiquitous Vinturi; UFO-looking doohickeys that purport to make your vino that much more delicious. Do they work? […]

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Mar 30 2010

Ultra Red and Mega Purple: Not Burgessian Slang

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The range of opinion varies widely. The wine industry, after all, is a business, and in order to turn a profit it’s most conducive to make the product as consumer-friendly as possible. (To get really riled up, read about the Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir Scandal–not one American complaint was documented! Take that, Jersey Shore. Y’all […]

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Mar 26 2010

Awesome Wine News: Red Wine=Being Skinny

This past week,  a study came out that nearly brought me to tears–happy tears. In case you haven’t heard: Red wine can actually help keep women thin over time. Like I need another reason do drink. According to the study, women who drank 5-30 grams of alcohol daily (which translates to around one-half to 2 […]

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Mar 16 2010

Wines greener than the Chicago River

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So what if wine and St. Patty’s Day don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand? While we can argue the virtues of vino versus beer on this traditional holiday, let’s just skip all that and get to what’s important: “green” wines, and we’re not talking about just the grapes. The term “green” has been bandied about in recent […]

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Mar 12 2010

Weekenders: A fairer season calls for softer wines

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2008 Chehalem Inox, Chardonnay, Oregon [$19.99] Forget what you think you know about Chardonnay: this is not the buttery, overoaked stuff you’ll find at your local supermarket. Chehalem Inox is crisp. It’s sleek. It’s fruit forward with a perfectly textured finished. Fermented in steel (inox is short for the French inoxydable, or steel), Inox is […]

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