Mar 30 2010

Ultra Red and Mega Purple: Not Burgessian Slang

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The range of opinion varies widely. The wine industry, after all, is a business, and in order to turn a profit it’s most conducive to make the product as consumer-friendly as possible. (To get really riled up, read about the Red Bicyclette Pinot Noir Scandal–not one American complaint was documented! Take that, Jersey Shore. Y’all ain’t got nothin’ on the wine industry.)

But what about the artisanal aspect of wine? Call me crazy (or naive, or idealistic), but I’ve always thought of winemakers as artists. Wine’s prestige partly lies in the idea of the craft: the terroir, the care and back-breaking work that goes into growing and harvesting, the vision of the winemaker–these are all things we look for, expect, and respect when we open up a bottle. Isn’t that why we pay for the $100+ bottle of wine (and I mean the collective “we,” as my personal $100+ will be going to We strive to keep things simple, fun, and functional at the Just Grapes, but to deny (not hyper-glorify!) these inherent aspects of our favorite beverage is to ignore the love and creativity (and other fuzzy, feel-good adjectives) that winemakers strive to convey via their medium of choice.

Far from having wine snob pedigree, I can say that if I want to get lit via concentrates and additives, I may as well stick to Margarita-in-a-Bucket. If I’m looking for an experience in a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous wine and my man, hold the Mega Purple, please.

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