Apr 13 2010

KFC Double Down: An oenogeek’s final frontier?

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When KFC released its Double Down sandwich, I all but went into cardiac arrest thinking of the insane sodium/caloric nightmare (or Atkins dream) that is this “sandwich.” There’s meat, cheese and… gasp!… deep-fried chicken-buns! Cue Chef Jamie Oliver and an army of medics.

Though I have no desire to ever let the sandwich cross my lips (ok, maybe a little), it did make me curious as to what wine to pair it with. I mean, come on, right? Wonderfully classy vino with The Death of America Once And For All Sandwich?

I’m ready to meet that challenge head-on. To that end, here are some pairing suggestions. Let me know what you think; one day soon, I may decide to go all in against the Double Down.

NV Varichon and Clerc Blanc de Blanc, Savoie, France: If I’m going to die eating this thing, I may as well celebrate the life unlived, right? Right. Hey, who knows? The balanced lightness of this wine may act as a delicious foil to the sodium-loveliness of the KFC non-wich.

2006 Michelot de Montmeix Chardonnay, Burgundy, France: If there ever was a bastardization of chicken cordon bleu, this chicken-cheese-bacon–then-repeat monster is it. Why not pair it with an incredibly oaked Chardonnay? There’s potentially enough oil in the Double Down to balance the buttery intensity of this accessible and inexpensive white Burgundy.

2008 Evodia Grenache, Calatayud, Spain: KFC’s Original recipe has just the faintest hint of “spice” (or whatever they choose to call it) in their over-processed chicken. Evodia would meet this spice head-on with its smooth woodiness and light tannins. Even better: it has enough light smokiness to pair against the bacon found in this monster.

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