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Jun 29 2010

Red… White… and New!

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The 4th of July is Sunday, and here at Just Grapes, that means showcasing some of our top American wines so you can add more “fireworks” to your holiday get-togethers! Since this is the first 4th in a new decade, we’re featuring the latest American bottles to match. Here are a couple of our favorites, […]

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Jun 25 2010

A Three-Hour Tour… A Three-Hour Tour…

Ginger, Mary Ann, the Professor, Gilligan—they could only dream of cruising Lake Michigan and the Chicago River with Don Sritong and the Just Grapes crew, supplied with a storehouse of handpicked summer wines to sip and explore. It’s a dream you can easily experience though! Join us tomorrow, Saturday, June 26, for the Just Grapes […]

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Jun 22 2010

Meet the Winemaker (Bacon Not Included)

Join us at Just Grapes this Thursday (June 24) for our Grateful Palate Tasting with Chris Ringland of R Wines. For only $25, you’ll get to meet and taste with Chris, who will explain the exciting winemaking ideas that have made him one of the most respected names in the industry. Chris is known in […]

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Jun 18 2010

World Cup Wines: Consolation Prizes

The World Cup kicked off just a week ago, and already we’ve seen winemaking giants Germany, France, Spain, Australia, and South Africa taste defeat. Unlike many other countries in the tournament though, the teams and their millions of fans can replace the taste of defeat with the taste of their native land’s stellar wines. Here […]

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Jun 15 2010

Father’s Day Decisions

You get what you give—as the saying goes—and on Father’s Day, that often means you get a half smile and a “do they really love me?” sigh when you give the same cliché gifts. Why not aim for a full smile and even some genuine “they actually thought about me!” appreciation instead? We have some […]

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Jun 11 2010

Raise Your Cup

The World Cup kicks off today in South Africa, but a different kind of Cup will parade its way through the Loop this morning, cheered by thousands of hockey fans—the Stanley Cup, along with the NHL champion Chicago Blackhawks! Here at Just Grapes, we’re raising our cups too. We’ve got the wines that can help […]

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Jun 08 2010

World Cup Wines: First Half

The World Cup starts on Friday, and in addition to showcasing countries with world-class soccer (or football… or fútbol) teams, many of the participants are two-way players—they also create world-class wines. Of the 32 countries in the tournament, at least 15 produce wines known around the world, and a few others (Slovenia, for example) have […]

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Jun 04 2010

Australian Apprenticeship

How’s your palate when it comes to GSMs? Don’t know what a GSM is? Here at Just Grapes, we can help! On June 17, we’re hosting a Wines of Australia class, where you’ll taste the distinctive Australian blend of Grenache, Shriaz, and Mourvèdre (GSM), plus amazing Australian Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, Cabernets, and much more (including […]

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Jun 01 2010

First Wednesday Tasting: Celebrating Summer

Summer—June, July, and August—is finally here. Who cares if it’s officially or unofficially the season? Here at Just Grapes, there’s no delay in celebrating the most coveted months on a Chicagoan’s calendar. So, on June 2, our First Wednesday Tasting will feature 35 wines that can give you the final “oomph” to put away your […]

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