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Jan 31 2011

Love By the Bottle

It has been two years this month since I decided to dive into the world of wine. And when I say dive, I mean I truly threw myself into wine’s world. I was one week into 21 years old when I moved to San Francisco to begin sommelier classes, and I was, to say the very least, inexperienced. My elder classmates, of whom the youngest was 25, tossed around words such as “tannin,” and names of fruit I had never even heard of. My few years of drinking Yellow Tail out of the bottle in my elementary school’s playground at night didn’t quite prepare me for this class’ challenge, but was up for it.

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Jan 20 2011

Back to Bordeaux Basics

by Julianna Will The 2009 Vintage Tasting of Bordeaux Wines at the Palmer House in coming up on Tuesday. Many stand-out producers will be in attendance and, as always, it’s a rare and welcome opportunity in my world to get to taste a large number of wines – in a row – from the same […]

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Jan 13 2011

Effervescence Everyday?

My translation is a little rough, but someone once said to me that a European man will work for three weeks to spend one week on his row boat, while an American man will work for an entire year in anticipation for one week on his yacht. It is a little silly; we don’t all have row boats or yachts, or even a week of vacation time. But then I gave this saying some thought and realized it holds some truth.

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Jan 04 2011

The Red Wine Voice of the Willamette Valley

by Maggie Bernat Smith We love wine because it tells us a story. A tale of where it was grown, different varietal expressions, what the winemaker did to it when it was picked, and how the weather was that year. Wine is a delicious voice of all these things. It’s what makes us listen to […]

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