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Sep 21 2011

The Unusual Suspects.. of Red Wine Headache Syndrome

“It’s so good! Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” .. until ten minutes later you get a massive headache and the parties over before it ever got the chance to get going. A question that always seems to arise during wine speak with customers is why they or a friend or relative of […]

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Sep 17 2011

Free Run Juice: My Life in Grapes

Hello Wine-lovers! I’m new to the Just Grapes team, and am happy to be associated with such a fine-looking group of oenophiles! My name is Sam, and I hope we’ve spoken at the shop already, and if not, look forward to. I thought I’d recount you with a bit of my background, and how I […]

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Sep 07 2011

September 4th, 2011

Last night something special caught my eye in the seafood section of the grocers. Scrunched in between several cod fillets and a heaping mound of sea scallops was a single cut of beautifully marbled blue marlin. Up until then the majority of the day I had been obsessing over the thought of doing some sort […]

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