Oct 27 2011

What Kind of Wine Are You?

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We’re all familiar with silly quizzes that once completed are supposed to be able to tell you everything about yourself by adding up a total at the back of a magazine. Does their inaccuracy or ridiculousness keep us from tallying up our score though? Not really.

Every grape, vine and wine has character. Though the 10,000+ Vitis Vinifera grapes classified world-wide have a great deal in common (most notably being made into wine) they are all very unique as well. Possessing personalities that we come to be familiar with and differentiate between, these grapes all have their own signature traits- like us.

So, what kind of wine are you? Are you a thin-skinned Pinot Noir, referred to as a “Diva” because of the difficulty to produce, but when done right inspires a standing ovation? Are you an easy-to-please Cabernet Sauvignon friend to all, and full of potential? Or are you a big, bold Zinfandel, aggressive and zesty? Take a few minutes to complete this short, fun quiz and find out. Are you what you drink, after all?




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