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Sep 21 2011

The Unusual Suspects.. of Red Wine Headache Syndrome

“It’s so good! Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!” .. until ten minutes later you get a massive headache and the parties over before it ever got the chance to get going. A question that always seems to arise during wine speak with customers is why they or a friend or relative of […]

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Sep 07 2011

September 4th, 2011

Last night something special caught my eye in the seafood section of the grocers. Scrunched in between several cod fillets and a heaping mound of sea scallops was a single cut of beautifully marbled blue marlin. Up until then the majority of the day I had been obsessing over the thought of doing some sort […]

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Aug 31 2011

Sunday, August 21st

Every Sunday I make it a point to do nothing. Nothing but sit around all day until the late afternoon when I can finally do what it is I’ve been waiting to do while doing nothing all day: hit the grocers and shop for my one and only weekly sit down meal. Yesterday I gave […]

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Aug 06 2011

Dry Humor

I’ve seen it happen a thousand times and been apart of it a thousand and one: someone takes a sip, makes a sour face– head kicked back, jaws clenched, one eye open, the other cocked to the heavens while shaking their hand at the pourer as if saying “no, no, no!” before proclaiming that the wine is much too sweet for their liking. After this comes the part where the pourer states that the wine is actually dry, and then the drinker argues his or her point as to how it’s not humanely possible that the wine is anything but sweet.. [que mellow dramatic base line which leads up to heated argument and then someone getting offended and or possibly a glass thrown at their feet]. Why does this happen time and time again? Because after divulging that the wine is dry the professional doesn’t make an appropriate or meaningful attempt to explain the difference between dry and fruity. Thus being left with a not-so-happy patron who’s under the assumption that they just got called ‘wrong’ and or accused of having a faulted pallet for thinking that a wine is -off dry or sweet when, technically, it’s considered dry.

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Apr 26 2011

The Nose Will Know

Whether it be in the shop, a wine bar, a restaurant, or just at home with a couple of friends the subject of how to properly go about the tasting process with wine is one of the most intriguing topics of conversation for those who aren’t familiar with wine and its subtle and often quirky nuances: Why do you swirl the wine, why do you make that odd sucking noise with your lips, what are ‘legs’, how do I make better sense of what I think that I’m smelling, what is a tannin and where in the mouth is their presence most notably perceived, why is the word barnyard underlined in your notes?

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Feb 05 2011

Super Bowl XLV Team Color Wines & Food Pairings

As we hunker down tomorrow for an exciting Super Bowl XLV with our arch rival cheese head neighbors Green Bay Packers against the favored 3x Super Bowl Pittsburgh Steelers, what food and drink will you have during this 4 hour battle? While most of you may think beer first, there are many wines that pair very well with Super Bowl fare such as New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with Nachos, Gruner Veltliner (aka Gruvee) with salted chips and nuts, Oregon Pinot Noir with thin crust peperoni pizza, Prosecco with popcorn, Viognier with spicy Buffalo Wings, Tempranillo with Burgers & Brats! To make it even that much more festive, we’ve selected wines that in in the shades of the Super Bowl’s team’s colors (I know…it’s a stretch!).

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Nov 29 2010

Holiday Wines Scents

By Adrienne Davis As a sommelier in training, my nose is constantly being put to use.  One in my position has to smell the fruit in the grocery store, spices from the spice rack, wood in trees and furniture (and maybe even sometimes the wooden floor), flowers, dirt, vegetables, and sometimes even moldy boxes.  That […]

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Oct 19 2010

More “Chin Chin” for Less “Cha-Ching”: Fifteen under $15

One of the prime attractions of wine (other than the taste) is the endless sense of discovery that comes with it. In addition to learning about geography, history of a region, climate, grape type, and how each bottle pairs with food, is the less romantic, but practical component of price. Who doesn’t love an overperforming […]

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Sep 21 2010

Great Wines Think Alike: Perfect Pairings at Just Grapes

I’m spending a few days at a resort in Colorado this week, and I’ve been eating my way through the property’s restaurants—good thing there’s lots of hiking available in the Rockies to balance it out! Whenever I dine here, I always ask the sommeliers what they would recommend. Even if I know a certain style […]

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Aug 20 2010

Bear-rel Tasting

Understanding wine is probably a bit like learning an NFL playbook: Even if you have the basics down, there are dozens of variables and changes that always bring something new to the situation—it’s a constant learning curve, and very few can master it. While wine education isn’t unpleasant like… say… Jay Cutler trying to learn […]

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