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Aug 30 2013

Complimentary Saturday Tastings – 8-31-13

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Kick off your Labor Day weekend right with David Read of Pure Wines this Saturday, August 31st from 12 PM – 2 PM for our 2nd complimentary Saturday Tasting.  We will offer a global line up of some fantastic wines.  Here is what we will be pouring: 2011 Love Over Money Green Eyes Grüner Veltliner, […]

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Mar 30 2011

The Discovery of Good Beer

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About a month ago, our family of staff took a small road trip to Munster, Indiana to check out Three Floyds Brewery, home to our beloved Gumball Head, Alpha King, and our missed Pride and Joy. The brewery was hauntingly enchanting; the smell of fresh hops and malts, the hipster interns hauling great bodies of […]

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Nov 02 2010

Happy Birthday… to Us!

Six years ago—November 2, 2004—Just Grapes opened its doors at 560 W. Washington, and thanks to you, we’re still selling bottles and expanding palates today! Back in 2004, Just Grapes was the first wine shop in Chicago to offer Enomatic tasting machines (pictured on the left above.) Although the idea has definitely caught on elsewhere […]

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Oct 15 2010

Chilean Comeback

We’ve written a lot about Chilean wines in the past month (see the blog on September 15 and September 3) but as for the country itself, 2010 hasn’t been the best year: An 8.8 magnitude earthquake centered in the Maule Valley region killed more than 500 people and damaged several wineries; their soccer team lost […]

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Oct 01 2010

First Wednesday Tasting: ‘Tis the Season

October is here, and there’s a lot to celebrate: It’s the first “real” month of fall (weather-wise, anyway), you can watch a horror movie every night of the week and not feel guilty, and of course, costumes and candy on the 31st. It’s no ordinary month, and we have no ordinary First Wednesday Tasting tasting […]

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Sep 15 2010

Wine Class: South America 101

Which side are you on? In Bordeaux, France, that question could mean you generally prefer wines that showcase more of the left bank/Garonne river (Cabernet Sauvignon) or the right bank/Dordogne river (Merlot.) When it comes to South American wines though, “which side are you on?” is more of a continental conundrum. It can refer to […]

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Sep 03 2010

Chile Forecast

Chile, like its neighbor over the Andes, Argentina, has long been a discount darling of the wine world, especially in the U.S. market. Funny thing though: The winemaking has generally improved to world-class quality over the past few decades, but the prices have stayed low. That means you can enjoy a top bottle from one […]

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Aug 27 2010

Fall Into First Wednesday

Fall is, in many minds, the time when harvest beings and the year’s bounty in crops is collected. It’s essentially the end of the growing season here in the Northern Hemisphere, but when it comes to wine, harvest can technically happen at any time during the year, depending on where the grapes are being grown—the […]

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Aug 17 2010

Master of Montalcino

That’s a pretty bold statement in the world of wine, and especially within legendary Montalcino—a hilltown in Tuscany blessed with some of the finest vineyards in the world. It’s an area famous for producing Brunello, which is a clone of the Sangiovese grape, and thrives in Montalcino’s climate. To say one winemaker is the best […]

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Aug 13 2010

Air, Water, and Wine Show

The Chicago Air & Water Show returns to Lake Michigan this weekend, with more than two-million people expected to pack the lakefront on Saturday and Sunday. Even though the City of Chicago prohibits alcohol at the event, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a rooftop downtown, or simply stay home and throw your own Air & […]

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