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Jan 24 2012

The Meal Isn’t Over Until the Sweet Wine Sings

Now, we know how I feel about neglecting sparkling wine during a meal (or any time for that matter): nonsense! But dessert wine? It’s the red-headed step child of the evening’s libations, rather than the climactic sipper for which it is intended. As children, we couldn’t wait for dessert; hiding vegetables in napkins, sneaking bites […]

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Jun 08 2010

World Cup Wines: First Half

The World Cup starts on Friday, and in addition to showcasing countries with world-class soccer (or football… or fútbol) teams, many of the participants are two-way players—they also create world-class wines. Of the 32 countries in the tournament, at least 15 produce wines known around the world, and a few others (Slovenia, for example) have […]

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May 25 2010

Wines for Memorial Day Grilling

The weather is scorching here in Chicago, which is a great primer for Memorial Day weekend, and the official return of outdoor grilling in the Windy City. Whether you’re the grillmaster executing the perfect menu for your friends and family, or you’re stuck at someone else’s party with a blowhard who confuses burning with barbecue, […]

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Sep 11 2008

2005 Jorge Ordonez Victoria #2, Malaga Spain

Robert Houde of Garnacha Imports reviews the 2005 Jorge Ordonez Victoira #2 from Malaga, Spain during a Wines of Spain Seminar at Just Grapes in Chicago.

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Aug 22 2008

Vosges Naga Truffle with Stefano Farina Moscato d’Asti

Jen Brush of Vosges Haut Chocolat and Don Sritong of Just Grapes discuss paring Naga Truffles with Stefano Farina Moscato d’Asti.

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Aug 22 2008

A very sexy couple

You already know wine has a sensual quality. You swirl it in your glass. Inhale its scent deeply. Let it run over and along the edges of your tongue, pausing to let the flavors trickle forth and mellow in your mouth. It’s practically a PG-13 experience. But have you ever licked the spice off the […]

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