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Nov 29 2010

Holiday Wines Scents

By Adrienne Davis As a sommelier in training, my nose is constantly being put to use.  One in my position has to smell the fruit in the grocery store, spices from the spice rack, wood in trees and furniture (and maybe even sometimes the wooden floor), flowers, dirt, vegetables, and sometimes even moldy boxes.  That […]

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Nov 18 2010

Why the buzz over Beaujolais?

Grocery store circulars everywhere are touting the release today of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau. Granted, most people don’t expect to find fine wine in the same store stocking Twinkies and Chef Boyardee, but Beaujolais Nouveau has garnered a disrespect in some corners perhaps beyond proportion, considering it doesn’t aspire to much. What is it about […]

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Jun 04 2010

Australian Apprenticeship

How’s your palate when it comes to GSMs? Don’t know what a GSM is? Here at Just Grapes, we can help! On June 17, we’re hosting a Wines of Australia class, where you’ll taste the distinctive Australian blend of Grenache, Shriaz, and Mourvèdre (GSM), plus amazing Australian Chardonnays, Sauvignon Blancs, Cabernets, and much more (including […]

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May 12 2010

Global Grape: Tempranillo

Wild weather here in Chicago: rain, tornadoes (in the good ol’ burbs), more rain. It makes one want to bundle up with a good book and some popcorn. A good wine to pair with a predictably tempestuous night? Tempranillo, of course (word play!). Here at Just Grapes, we’re spending our Wednesday conducting a special seminar […]

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Apr 27 2010

Le sigh… Picnic envy.

We like picnics by the lake, on the beach, in a park; frankly, anywhere besides the Office Space-esque cubicle our lives have become (against our better sense, no less). There’s just something so retro about picnics (gingham blanket, wicker basket, the great outdoors) it begs the question: what’s not to love? Excluding enjoyable company, the […]

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Jan 22 2010

Who Drew That Label? Just Grapes Artist Series: István Orosz

The 2007 Skulls, the cheeky 2007 Chateau Chateau Chateau, and the epic Anamorphosis all have one thing in common (besides being Australian and having Parker ratings): the art of Hungarian István Orosz graces each of their labels (and in Anamorphosis’ case, the incredible poster that is meant to be reflected in its mirrored bottle).

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Apr 17 2009

Just Grapes Proudly Brings You the Lowest Prices in the Country!

Yesterday, we began receiving stock for our Spring Blowout Sale: 50% on 50 Wines. As we opened box after box of incredible wine after incredible wine, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Three different 1.5 liter-bottles of Herman Donnhoff Riesling , each rated between 93 and 97 points by Robert Parker, marked down from $90, $79, […]

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Apr 14 2009

South African Wines a Perfect Fit for Spring and Summer

At a wine bar on the North Side a while ago, I decided to try something different. I reviewed the specials, marveled at the value of a particular $6-a-glass New World red (everything else was priced at around $12 a glass), and placed my order with the bartender. “South Africa?” My friend raised an eyebrow […]

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Apr 03 2009

Keeping it Kosher? Don’t Pass Over these Wines!

Tomorrow at Just Grapes’ weekly free Saturday wine tasting, we’ll be offering four delicious kosher wines from the Galilee region of Israel. What exactly makes wines (or food) kosher, you ask? According to, “Jewish Dietary Laws are rules and regulations concerning food that are derived from Biblical laws and rabbinical extensions. A person who […]

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Mar 04 2009

Surprising Spanish Wines in Ole’s 2009 Portfolio

On Monday, I attended the Olé Imports Portfolio Tasting at Cream Wine Company, where more than 50 Spanish reds, whites, and rosés from a dozen regions were poured. Region by region, here are the highlights. Cataluna: The Cataluna (also known as Catalonia) region of Spain is home to D.O. Cava, where 95 percent of Spain’s […]

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