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Apr 22 2009

Honor Earth Day with Organic Wines… On Sale Now @ Just Grapes!

Many Just Grapes customers are environmentally conscious. Several regulars reuse our two-, three-, four- and six-pack carriers, bringing them back whenever they return to shop in the store. Others routinely check JustGrapes.net to see which new organic & biodynamic wines we carry. As many of you know, we’re in the midst of the biggest sale […]

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Oct 07 2008

Terroir: The key to finding your favorite wines

When you’re new to wine, “terroir” can sound rather esoteric. It doesn’t help when people who are afraid of wine say the phrase in a faux-haughty tone meant to mock the snobs who give us wine-lovers a bad name. Really, though, terroir is about as basic as one can get. It’s dirt. Earth. Ground. Rocks, plants, minerals, clay, […]

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Sep 25 2008

Juicy green wine news

This just in from Business Wire: “The wine industry is making a concerted effort to adopt environmentally responsible practices but sees a need for better education among both consumers and professionals on many ‘green’ issues, according to two surveys of wine industry professionals and executives conducted by Robert Smiley, professor and director of wine studies […]

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