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Nov 03 2009

Demystifying the Burgundy Label

By Maggie Smith Are you one of those people that love to drink wine but steer clear from French wine because you just don’t know what type of wine is in that bottle? There’s usually indecipherable French writing, probably a picture of a chateau-looking house, and what seems to be a name of a place […]

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Feb 09 2009

The Juice on Burgundies

I attended a wine tasting of the 2007 Burgundy barrel samples on Thursday, which was hosted by the importer Frederick Wildman & Sons, Ltd. (A barrel sample is a wine which has not yet been bottled; so while you can get a good sense of what the wine will be like when released, it will undoubtedly change a good bit more once bottled.) Many great producers and winemakers were on-hand pouring samples from some of the most renowned appellations in Burgundy: the Côte de Nuits, the Côte de Beaune, and from the southern part of the region.

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Oct 01 2008

Grand cru: It even sounds impressive

Throw around a phrase like “grand cru” (always said in an attempted foreign accent, right?), and you might impress your friends. Far more impressive, however, is knowing what it means, if anything, before you drop some serious dollars on it. Literally, grand cru is French for “great growth.” In some regions, the use of the […]

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Aug 19 2008

2004 Michel Lafarge Mersault, Burgundy, France Review

A review on the 2004 Michel Lafarge Mersault from Burgundy, France – $49.99, by Corporate Sommelier of Just Grapes, Don Sritong during their Global Grape Series Series, Session #6, Chardonnay.

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