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Dec 04 2009

Wonderfully Wintry Wines

While very few welcome winter with open arms, there is something undeniably charming about softly falling snow, the tiny white lights glittering from trees lining the streets, and the general warm fuzziness of family and friends around the holidays. In Chicago especially, there are tons of wintry events going on to keep the holiday cheer […]

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Dec 01 2008

10 Easy Gift Ideas For The Wine Lover

Our Very Own Maggie Smith came up with this list of 10 awesome gifts that any wine lover would truly cherish:   1. Fusebox wine blending kit – Most people can’t afford to make their own Napa Valley wine so here is your chance to come up with your own version by blending different grape […]

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Nov 21 2008

Test-drive your Thanksgiving wine

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Cranberries from a can are looking mighty swell right now, aren’t they?  If you’ve offered to “bring something” to a Thanksgiving feast or, like me, even volunteered to make most of it for your dear mother, you might be feeling a wee bit of panic right now. I don’t own a double boiler, nor a food processor. I […]

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Nov 06 2008

Host a holiday party on a Grinch budget

AIG set the gold standard for what not to do. At the other end of the spectrum, Viacom, Hearst and Marc Jacobs are not doing anything on par with past holiday celebrations this season. But there’s room for a little festive, tastefully decorated middle ground despite a grim economy and a budget tighter than those […]

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Oct 08 2008

A wine for your party or your sprinkled doughnut

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You are so clever. Chatting with your mom/grandma/sister/friend before the big event, you casually asked what was cooking. And with just a few off-hand comments, you went out and chose the perfect wine to match, ready to hand it to your host at the door. Now your friends all refer to you as the wine […]

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Aug 28 2008

Go high-low with a wine/dog combo

They don’t call them the dog days of summer for nothing. Think it’s a coincidence that so many hot dogs are consumed on Labor Day? OK, maybe it is. But summer’s last hurrah is a great time for a Chicago dog and a picnic. And no picnic would be complete without a nice bottle of […]

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