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Dec 15 2009

Just Grapes Gift Guide: Part One

Holiday shopping got you down? Just can’t find the perfect gift for those people on your list? Just Grapes has the answer! We’re truly a one-stop shop for everyone on your shopping list (even the little ones–our never-expiring tasting cards will still be valid once they turn 21!). To make it even easier, we’ve put […]

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Nov 09 2009

Que Syrah, Shiraz?

By Maggie Smith Are you one of the many confused wine drinkers that doesn’t understand why some wines are labeled Shiraz yet some are labeled Syrah? Lets do some myth busting and work this out! Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape, just different styles. Syrah has been around for…let’s just say forever; and then […]

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Nov 26 2008

Acid mouthwatering? It is in wine

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Acid generally doesn’t have appetizing connotations. You might think batteries. Indigestion. Corrosion. Yum. But acid is absolutely essential to the structure of a wine. Too little and a wine will taste flat and lifeless. Too much and a wine will taste sour. A balanced wine will have the proper amount of acid to contrast with […]

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Nov 19 2008

Why the buzz over Beaujolais?

Grocery store circulars everywhere are touting the release tomorrow of this year’s Beaujolais Nouveau. Granted, most people don’t expect to find fine wine in the same store stocking Twinkies and Chef Boyardee, but Beaujolais Nouveau has garnered a¬†disrespect in some corners perhaps beyond proportion, considering it doesn’t aspire to much.¬†What is it about this unique […]

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Nov 14 2008

Wine Spectator loves it; we have it

Whatever your opinion of wine scores, points, lists or rankings, you have to admit you’re just a little curious, aren’t you? Wondering whether your favorite bottle will rank among the top? Or perhaps you’re looking for the next big thing? Simply surfing for something new to try? Wine scores and ranks have their place, and […]

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Sep 15 2008

Your wine rack is looking a little chilly

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You may still be clinging to your flip-flops–I know I am–but fall really and truly is arriving. It’s time to store the light beer and chilled roses with your white pants and stock up on some warm, cozy reds. There are so many reasons right now to have extra bottles on hand: watching the game […]

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Aug 26 2008

Nothing plain about Spain

I’ve been to many parts of Spain: Madrid and Toledo in the center of the country; Barcelona on the far coast; and Malaga, the southern port city on the Costa del Sol. Yet each time, as a euro-pinching tourist, I’ve only sampled whatever vino tinto (red table wine) came with el menu del dia. Cheap, […]

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Aug 22 2008

Vosges Viola Truffle & Angeline Pinot Noir

Jen Brush of Vosges Haut Chocolat and Don Sritong of Just Grapes discuss paring the Viola Truffle and Angeline Pinot Noir.

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