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Jan 20 2011

Back to Bordeaux Basics

by Julianna Will The 2009 Vintage Tasting of Bordeaux Wines at the Palmer House in coming up on Tuesday. Many stand-out producers will be in attendance and, as always, it’s a rare and welcome opportunity in my world to get to taste a large number of wines – in a row – from the same […]

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Oct 03 2008

Estate bottled–Not the same as home brew!

Every man’s home is his castle. But the wine he makes in his basement from store-bought juice is most definitely not “estate bottled.” To be considered estate bottled, a wine must be made only from grapes grown in the winery’s own vineyards, or from vineyards that the winery leases and controls in the same appellation (wine-growing region). The wine […]

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Aug 19 2008

What is Sauvignon Blanc?

It’s the middle of summer and wine drinkers want to know more about that crisp, refreshing, citrusy, white wine with hints of grapefruit and grass.  Sip it on the porch or pair it with herbed chicken off the grill, here’s the scoop on Sauvignon Blanc. Our Current Sauvignon Blancs selections Introduction Sauvignon Blanc is a […]

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